A Bit About Us


Every one has dreams growing up. For most of us, reaching adult maturity means an end to those hopeless wishes of childhood. However, for a select few, those dreams continue long after we become an adult. For Charlie, this website is an extension of those dreams.

Who is Charlie? Charlie Kravetz (charlie-tca) was originally from Bessemer, Michigan. Having grown up there and joined the US Air Force, he traveled the world for 20 years. During that time, his mother moved to Boise, Idaho. Not having a real home for 20 years of travel, Charlie got out of the Air Force and decided to settle in either Idaho or Las Vegas, Nevada. Both seemed wonderful. Idaho won, and he became a Journeyman Plumber in Idaho. Dropping a lot of heavy tools seemed bad, so he went to the doctor. The doctor said, “Charlie, you have multiple sclerosis. Don’t you have problems holding onto heavy tools?” Of course, that explained the dropping problems.

Now Charlie had to decide where to live again, and how. Due to extreme fatigue, he could not work 8 hours a day. That limits what one can really do for work. When his legs gave up for a few years, he moved in with his daughter in Idaho. When the legs decided to work again, he traveled back and forth between daughters in Idaho and Nevada.

He started this website as a catchall for notes and dreams to gather. He has many notebooks filled with dreams, and had hopes of getting them on this website. However, the site evolves on its own, as all things do with time.

Some of you are looking for book reviews and product reviews. Those now have their own websites. For books, click the “Book Reviews” button in the menu above. For products, it would be the “Product Reviews” button. Those are now individual websites not tied to this one.

Charlie does have one more website, which whines and moans often. It is not so well maintained, but is near and dear to his heart. It is a website for his multiple sclerosis support team. It is also a website where information about ms can be found. is the place for that.

Thanks for looking at this website. If you find it is lacking in something, or just needs a tweak or two to be easier for you to use, please email us. We provide an email link in the Contact Menu item above.