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I Prefer Mine Free Everyone that uses a computer uses software. Most people know they turn on the computer, it does things, then they have a computer to work on and use. Lots of people even know they have a CPU. Unfortunately, they don’t know what the differences are between a computer, a CPU, and […]

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KeepingDreams_Accessibility and Linux

Why Can’t I Use What You Do? Maybe I am a special use case in programming. I want to be able to use the internet the same way everyone does. I really do. I can not do that today. I could not do that in the past, either. I have experienced blindness (2/1200ths corrected vision), […]

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Reading Slower

Cataracts? I will slowing down on the number of books accepted in 2014 for review. There are a couple of reasons for this which I will explain below. I read over 50 books a year the last two years. It comes out to a book a week. That’s a lot of reading. However, I find […]

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