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Accessibility Presentation_SCALE_13x

Accessibility In Software I spent last weekend in Los Angeles, attending SCALE 13x. This is a big open source software conference. They have a huge exhibition/vendor floor, as well as many sessions throughout the 4 days of the conference. One of those sessions was my own presentation on Accessibility in Software. I tend to take […]

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How To Install Orca & Dasher in Xfce

Making Gnome Orca, eSpeak, and Dasher work in CrunchBang Linux with Xfce desktop environment was not easy. When all is said and done, they are all working for me. You may not have the same luck, though. To make them all work is not something the inexperienced should attempt. II would recommend installing Vinux instead. […]

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KeepingDreams_Accessibility and Linux

Why Can’t I Use What You Do? Maybe I am a special use case in programming. I want to be able to use the internet the same way everyone does. I really do. I can not do that today. I could not do that in the past, either. I have experienced blindness (2/1200ths corrected vision), […]

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