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Speaking About Accessibility

Being an advocate for accessibility in all areas, and since I am well versed in how difficult it can to get around on a computer when disabled, I will be presenting a talk on it in Los Angeles this February. Here is the information on where and when:

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How To Install Orca & Dasher in Xfce

Making Gnome Orca, eSpeak, and Dasher work in CrunchBang Linux with Xfce desktop environment was not easy. When all is said and done, they are all working for me. You may not have the same luck, though. To make them all work is not something the inexperienced should attempt. II would recommend installing Vinux instead. […]

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I Might Be Right, I Might Be Wrong Let us talk about time and date formats. It is a subject that comes up every so often, and I have been told I am wrong about the way I write time and date. I think I use the format that makes the most sense to me, […]

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