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What Is A Language? We all speak, read, and write in languages we know. We have all been taught from birth a language or two that we find easy to use. Many people I know can speak, read, and write more than one language. However, I want to write about how we define a language. […]

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Two Homes, Two Cities I am a snowbird. That means I do not stay in one place for both summer and winter. I have a daughter in Idaho and a daughter in Las Vegas. Since multiple sclerosis makes it difficult to live alone, I live with my daughters. I live in Idaho when it is […]

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No Cane Today!

Activity_and_Walking I have tried to lead a somewhat active lifestyle my entire life. In 1979, when I was stationed with the Air Force in South Korea, I ordered bicycles from the states to be able to ride more. I was riding a Korean bicycle at the time, with a single speed and a large cargo […]

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