I Prefer Mine Free

Everyone that uses a computer uses software. Most people know they turn on the computer, it does things, then they have a computer to work on and use. Lots of people even know they have a CPU. Unfortunately, they don’t know what the differences are between a computer, a CPU, and software. They just know they have all that.

Software encompasses all the programs and applications you use, whether it is on the cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. That is pretty much everything that is not a physical device. You run windows, that is software. You run an Office program, that is software. You run a game, that, too, is software. Even those nifty apps you download to the phone are software.

I prefer open source and public domain software, myself. I do not use Windows, it is neither open source or public domain. I am willing to pay for software that fits those categories, but I do not pay for software that does not fit. I do not pirate software, either. I use linux, which is a replacement for Windows. If you follow me on google+, you see my desktop images I post on Fridays. Those are not windows, but linux. I use LibreOffice, which is an open source replacement for Microsoft Office. It is not perfect, but it works great for me. I also use Mozilla Firefox, which replaces Internet Explorer. I do everything with my computers that everyone else does, but I do not use proprietary software.

For those that do not know, proprietary software is normally paid for software. You pay for upgrades, and you sometimes pay for assistance. My software I use, I can modify when I want or need to. You can not modify proprietary software. The license agreement does not permit you to. It also normally does not permit you to own the software. It leases it to you. Notice that my secondary title above is “I Prefer Mine Free”. Free does not always mean non-paid for, but it does mean free to modify it and free to use it my way.

I firmly believe that any user should be allowed to use the software they pay for. I also believe that if that software needs to be modified, it should be allowed. I believe that if I pay for software, I should become the owner of that software. These beliefs of mine are not true in the technologically advanced world we live in today. More and more, companies want to make you pay money to USE their software. Most of the agreements are so full of lawyer speak, you, the user, do not read them. Perhaps it is time to dig out those agreements, and read them over. Then contact me and let me know you decided to stop paying to USE software, and decided you would like to do something about it.

I have a dream. That dream is to help those who desire to find a way to use software they can use their way! That dream is to help people understand what software is, and their rights to own it. That dream is also to help people understand that proprietary software is not normally theirs to own and sell, it is theirs to use. I want people to understand that they did not pay for the right to give the software away, even if they want to. That is my dream for 2014.

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