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I have discovered the joy of the independent author! These are authors that are publishing their own books, or finding alternative methods to have their books published. Think ebooks. It costs the average author thousands of dollars to have a book published in printed format. It costs many authors at least two-thousand dollars to publish an ebook. Unless the author is very well known, most can not hope to recoup the costs of print publishing.

There are actually thousands of books being written that need readers. Many of these are every bit as good as those you are paying a lot of money for. I have discovered that many times, the ebooks of known authors are selling for more than the paperback! That is outrageous, considering Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other ebook sellers have a policy that states they own the ebook, and are letting you borrow it for an unspecified period of time. Why would I pay more for an ebook I do not have solid possession of than a paperback that is in my hand? I DO NOT pay these outrageous fees.

I started reading on an Amazon Kindle Keyboard in October 2011. I had a few reasons for this, one of them being failing eyesight. I was having issues trying to read the print in normal books. Yes, large-print formats are sometimes available. Yes, I do wear glasses. Yes, I do see an eye doctor regularly. No, none of that seemed to help. Using a Kindle, I can grow the text to the size I need to read comfortably again.

I have read about 175 ebooks on my Kindle. I pay between zero and five-dollars for each ebook. Many times, I am given ebooks by the authors to review. Since I started reading ebooks, I also started reviewing those ebooks. My reviews are posted here, on Amazon, on Smashwords, and on Goodreads. I did investigate the various ereaders and ebook sellers to decide which format I wanted. Since I make a number of purchases from Amazon each year, it seemed logical to go with their ebook format.

Independent authors often put as much effort into their books as known authors. The difference is that the independent author is not yet known. I support the independent authors whenever possible. Yes, that includes the reviews I write. Support does not mean I give only 5-star reviews. I compare most books I read against the rest of the books I have read. The authors appreciate having a review that gives an honest opinion of what the reader thought. Most do not only 5-star reviews. They want to improve. 5-stars mean there is no improvement needed.

Please check out these independent authors. Sure, Stephen King and James Patterson and Dean Koontz are famous. They might be the authors you and your friends are aware. Let me get you started. Check out Thomas A. Knight (“The Time Weaver”), Hugh Howey(“Wool”), Orson Scott Card(“Ender’s Game)”, John Kovacich(“The Mother Of All Viruses”), or Ian Stewart(“The Unintentional Jihadi”). For more books, check out my book reviews on this website.

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    Thank you so much, Charlie, for including me in the authors you list in The Joy Of Reading. It is a great delight for me to learn I have given you and others a few hours of reading pleasure with my writing. Publishing my own books through Amazon has given me great satisfaction. It has added to the pleasure of writing the book in the first place. Learning the publishing process – the ebook was easier than the paperback (for one book) – forced me to expand my knowledge of computing and the internet and my success in doing so was also rewarding. Thank you again for the encouragement you have given me with my inclusion here and your reviews – and happy reading!